Digital Humidity & Temperature Monitor with Touchscreen Backlight- (ThermoPro TP53 )

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ThermoPro TP53

ThermoPro TP53 Thermometer Hygrometer features the ultra narrow frame on the market, making the LCD display/numbers enlarged to ensure you can read the temperature and humidity with ease at almost any distance! Coupled with the yellow backlight, you’ll still be able to read the display with no eye strain even in the darkest conditions. The indoor thermometer and humidity monitor is equipped with professional grade sensors to provide the most accurate measurements, be it for indoor humidity or temperature. Also, the hygrometer features trend indicators, allowing you to be aware if adjustments are necessary for your household such as turning on your AC or humidifier.

Temperature & Humidity Range

Temperature range: -20℃~70℃ Humidity range: 10%~99%

Temperature & Humidity Accuracy

Temperaure tolerance: +/- 1.1℃ Humidity tolerance: +/2%(30%-80%), +/3%(<30%, >80%)


● °C/°F: Press once to change the temperature display unit in °C or °F. ● ALL TIME/24 HRs: Press it to show the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity recorded since last reset (ALL TIME option) or in the past 24 hours since last reset (24 HRs option) ● Comfort Level: DRY, COMFORT, WET. If humidity is below 30%: Dry. If humidity is between 30% to 60%: Comfort. If humidity is above 60%: Wet. ● 1.↗ indicates the temperature & humidity is in increasing trend. 2.→ indicates the temperature & humidity is in a no change trend. 3.↘ indicates the temperature & humidity is in a decreasing trend


Touch the light button to activate the backlight, then again to turn it off. If you do not touch the button for 15 seconds, it will automatically turn off the backlight.

Size Of TP53


Multiple Placement Way

Totally wireless tabletop, magnet-mountable and wall-mounted design.

Where To Place The TP53?

You can place it in the bedroom, kithch, warehouse, office, baby room and so on.

Package Content

1 x Thermometer 1 x Instruction Manual

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