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Blender Machines Online in Bangladesh

Blender is one of the most essential appliances for kitchen. Now every home in Bangladesh wish to have one Electric Blender machine to make life easy and smart. Now you can buy from a wide range of Branded blenders online in Bangladesh. 

Either you need it for blending for juice or grinding spices, Blender is the most effective and easy homemade way to do. Blender will give you perfect juice every time you need. This small home appliance will make you life smart and more convenience. 

Even you are in the city or in the village, now almost every home needs a blender to easy their busy life. With an electric blender you will be able to grind most of your spices in few minutes. 

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  1. Panasonic Heavy Duty Family Blender (MX-GX1521)
  2. Panasonic 350 Blender(Mx-900M)
  3. Panasonic 1300 watt Meat Grinder (MK-MG1300)
    Special Price ৳11,500.00 Regular Price ৳14,500.00
  4. Panasonic 1350 watt Meat Grinder (MK-G1350)
  5. Panasonic Meat Grinder (MK-G1500)
  6. Panasonic 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder (MX-AC400)
    Special Price ৳10,500.00 Regular Price ৳11,000.00
  7. Preethi Mixer Grinder (MG-173)
  8. Philips Mixer Grinder (HL-1643)
  9. Philips Viva Collection Kitchen Machine (HR-7920)
  10. Philips Chopper (HR-1396)
  11. Philips Viva Collections Meat Mincer (HR-2726)
  12. Philips White Color Hand Blender (HR-1603)
  13. Philips Hand Blender (HR-1673)
  14. Philips 3 Pin Blender (HR-2102)
  15. Philips Mini Fruit juice Blender (HR-2870)
  16. Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender (HR-2874)
  17. Philips Essentials Collection Hand Blender (HR-1372)
  18. Philips Advance Collection 800W Blender (HR-2096)
  19. Powerful 600W motor Philips Blender (HR-2115)
  20. Philips blender machine (HR-2027)
  21. Philips Full set blender machine (HR-2027)
  22. Philips Stylish Blender Machine (HR-2084)
  23. Philips Aluminium Blender Machine (HR2094)
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Items 49-71 of 71

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