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  1. Zhiyun Smooth 5 Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphone

    Special Price ৳15,500.00 was ৳17,000.00
  2. Zhiyun Weebill S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Cameras

  3. DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal For ShotGuides, Vlogging Stabilizer, YouTube TikTok Video

  4. DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

  5. Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Gimbal Stabilizer Combo for Smartphone

    Special Price ৳8,990.00 was ৳9,500.00
  6. DJI Ronin-SC – Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal

    Special Price ৳20,500.00 was ৳22,000.00
  7. DJI OM 4 Gimbal for Smartphone- best for Travel, Cinematography Video & Vlogging

    Special Price ৳14,200.00 was ৳15,000.00
  8. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Smartphone Gimbal - Best For Mobile Filmmakers

    Special Price ৳7,550.00 was ৳9,500.00
  9. Zhiyun Crane M2 Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Special Price ৳16,500.00 was ৳18,000.00

9 Items

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Gimbal Collection in Bangladesh

All the photographers and selfie fans are well aware of what a Gimbal is. But just to refresh the memory, a gimbal is the stand or holder that stabilizes your camera or phone. Technically speaking it is the pivoted support that allows a device to rotate on one axis. Meaning it will stabilize your camera or smartphone even when you are moving right or left, or your hand is going up and down. This is called the roll, tilt, and pan stabilization. Photographers and vloggers are well aware of its importance. It ensures smooth footage and lets you shoot fluids as well. This all is possible because gimbals are equipped with motors and sensors to help stabilize the DSLR, camera, or smartphone.
BD shop is your go-to shop to find the latest variety of smartphone gimbal. Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal, and DJI gimbal. We also have other popular brands like MOZA and IDEAFLY, etc. The high in-demand brands like the DJI gimbal and Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal, are regularly stocked in as well. We have all the various smartphone gimbals. BD shop is known for affordable prices, that is why we offer the best Gimbal price in Bangladesh.
Gimbal is one of the few expensive accessories for smartphones. The reason for that is the materials that are used to manufacture gimbals. They have to be as light as possible so you can hold it all day and it has to be stable enough to hold the camera. The camera is more expensive than the gimbal so it should be able to balance the camera or smartphone properly. Since it is an expensive accessory, investing in the right one is very important. Do your research before making a purchase. Find out which brand and model is compatible with your device before placing an order. Browse through our catalog to find the right product for you and place your order. We offer an easy to use shopping cart and payment method. You can compare our rates with others to conclude that the BD shop has an economical gimbal price in Bangladesh. We not only have the top gimbal brands but also offer amazing deals and discounts. To avail, the best gimbal deals shop at BD shop. Shop now and enjoy your vlogging and photography. Share clear and amazing footage on your Instagram by using high-quality gimbals available at the BD shop.