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  1. Value-Top VT-B706 Micro ATX Gaming Casing

    Special Price ৳3,500.00 was ৳4,000.00
  2. Value Top VT-G650M ATX Gaming Case

    Special Price ৳2,900.00 was ৳3,500.00
  3. Value-Top VT-M200 Micro ATX Casing

    Special Price ৳3,250.00 was ৳3,500.00
  4. Value-Top MANIA X6 E-ATX Mid Tower Black Gaming Casing

    Special Price ৳4,750.00 was ৳5,000.00
  5. Value Top VT-HX200 Micro ATX Aluminium Casing

    Special Price ৳6,800.00 was ৳7,000.00
  6. Value Top VT-B705 Micro ATX Gaming Casing

    Special Price ৳2,600.00 was ৳2,700.00
  7. Value Top VT-B707 Micro ATX Gaming Casing

    Special Price ৳3,600.00 was ৳3,750.00
  8. Value Top VT-B708 Micro ATX Gaming Casing

    Special Price ৳3,550.00 was ৳3,900.00
  9. Value Top METEOR Micro ATX Gaming Casing

    Special Price ৳3,650.00 was ৳4,000.00

73 Products found

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PC Casing Price in Bangladesh

PC casing is the out cover of your PC, it is the clothing that your computer wears. In a way, it defines the personality of your computer. It not only protects your PC but also displays the type of computer it is and its purpose. The main purpose of the PC casing is to hold different components of the computer. It has the motherboard, RAM, ROM, CD-ROM drive, power supply, etc. The power supply is built-in in the casing, the rest of the components are added as per requirements. Some components are mandatory like the Hard drive, Processor, ventilator, etc. others can be omitted like you might not have a CD drive but you cannot omit the processor. There is an on/off button usually at the front of the casing.
There are different styles of casings for gaming, designing, normal use, vertical style, horizontal style, retro look, fluorescent colors, etc. the variety and variations are so diversified it is very hard to put them all in words. There are many small, flat, and compact PCs popular nowadays as well. They have different styles of casings available. You can also choose a casing with a power supply on top or bottom. There are stylish casings made of crystal tempered glass giving your PC a chic and retro look. 
There are a few things you need to look into your PC casing before you pick one. The size is one thing that needs to be decided; whether you want a mini PC casing or a full tower or a mid-tower, it is the first thing you need to choose. Next comes the airflow as all the components inside the PC casing will generate lots of heat when they work. The PC casing should have room for airflow and ventilation, this is at the top and the sides of the PC casing. If this heat is not thrown out, your system will overheat and collapse. The casing should also have enough space to add additional fans for proper ventilation. It is important if you have a gaming PC or use heavy software on it.
The BD shop caters to all kinds of requirements and scenarios. We have casings of all sizes and shapes. We have the right solution for you, and the best thing is that we can deliver it to your doorstep at a low price. You can find every type of casing in our online catalog. The process is simple, browse, choose, buy, and ship. Happy shopping!

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