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  1. BMAX Y13 Laptop 13.3 Inch 360-Degree Touchscreen

  2. CHUWI AeroBook Laptop Computer

  3. Lenovo laptop B4180 Intel Core i5 6th Gen. 6200U, Black

  4. Lenovo laptop B4080 Intel Core i5 5th Gen. 5200U, Black

  5. Lenovo Laptop G4080 Intel Core i5 5th Gen. 5200U, Black

  6. Lenovo laptop B4180 Intel Core i3 6th Gen. 6100U, Black

  7. Lenovo B4180 Intel Core i3 6th Gen. 6100U, Black

  8. Lenovo laptop IP 300 Intel Core i3 6th Gen. 6100U, Black

  9. Lenovo IP 100 Intel Core i3 5th Gen. 5005U, Black

  10. Lenovo Laptop G4045 AMD A8-6410 Quad Core Black

  11. Lenovo G4080 Intel Core i3 5th Gen 5010U, Silver

  12. Lenovo G4045 AMD Quad Core A6-E1-6310 2GB GF


33 Products found

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Laptop Price in Bangladesh

Are you looking to buy a laptop? The good news is that you are in the right place, and there is no bad news as we are here to meet your laptop needs. Check out our comprehensive laptop catalog, and you will find the top laptop brands at the best prices in Bangladesh. 
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Laptops are delicate, and therefore, we also consider safe delivery. As a result, we ensure secure packaging before we send out your computer for delivery. Are you looking to switch from your old laptop? We have the most recent laptop computer models from the world’s top manufacturers for you to choose from. 
Please browse through our laptop computer catalog to buy your preferred laptops based on the brand, size, capacity, and performance, all at discounted prices.

Computers and Laptops have become an essential household and office items. Whether you are working or studying or are just staying at home, Laptop is your requirement now. You cannot imagine your life without a laptop computer. We use it for work purposes, for social media, for entertainment, etc. You name it and we do it using our Laptops. There was a time when one desktop was enough for one household but now our life revolves around the internet and technology so much that every member of the family needs to have his Laptop computer. There are numerous types of Laptops depending on what your usage is all about. There are gaming laptops, laptops used for designing and programming, laptops that are more suitable for multimedia, normal laptops used for small basic tasks, etc. the options are too many to count. That is why it is important to understand your needs and do a bit of research about the latest laptops in the market that can be useful for you.

They have different specifications regarding their processors, OS, RAM, Hard disk space, Display, Wifi and Bluetooth, USB slots, etc. You can choose according to your requirements and the purpose you want to use it for. Another thing you need to take into consideration is the size and weight of the laptop. This is the one factor that cannot be upgraded to your laptop later on. You will be holding and carrying your laptop all the time. So the weight and size matter more than you think. The OS should be taken into consideration as well. Pick one before looking for a laptop, Mac, Windows, or Chrome, etc. The OS you think is compatible with your connecting devices and usage. Your OS will decide which brands and laptops you can buy and which you cannot buy.

At the BD shop, we have a wide variety of laptops from the best brands. We have all the latest models of Lenovo, HP, and Chuwi, at very affordable rates. We have the core i5 6th generation laptops of popular brands in our catalog as well. We also offer home deliveries for your purchased items safely and timely. You can use our shopping cart to easily buy the laptop you find suitable for you and get it delivered to you. Our products are top-notch, yet we have the lowest prices in all of Bangladesh. Don’t waste time and start shopping now!