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Fight Against Corona Virus COVID-19 with personal protective gear. Buy PPE, Mask, Thermometer, Sanitizer, Antiseptic and more at the best price in Bangladesh.
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  1. Baby Face Shield - Splash Proof Face, Eyes Protector For Kids (5pcs)

  2. YUWELL 403E Air Compressing Nebulizer Machine

  3. Yuwell M102 Mini Portable Steam Atomized Inhaler Mesh Nebulizer Household Asthma Nebulizer

  4. Pack Of 100 Polyethylene Embossed Gloves (Large size)

    Special Price ৳100.00 was ৳200.00
  5. Morgen Super Sprayer Machine (16L)

  6. Lion Spray Machine (16L)

  7. Face Shield- Splash Proof Face, Eyes Protector (5pcs/10pcs Pack)

  8. Washable PPE- Personal Protective Equipment

  9. Protective Safety Goggles (Made in China)

    Special Price ৳480.00 was ৳500.00
  10. Melt blown Filter Surgical Mask with Nose bar & Comfortable Ear-loop (3ply, 50pcs in a Box)

    Special Price ৳100.00 was ৳200.00
  11. Jumper Blood Pressure Monitor - JPD-HA200 (White)

    Special Price ৳2,200.00 was ৳2,500.00
  12. Universal Digital Electronic Kitchen Scale SF 400

    Special Price ৳500.00 was ৳700.00

33 Products found

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Health & Protective Products in Bangladesh

The most important thing for you should be the health and safety of your family. You should do everything in your power and resources to ensure that your family and your health are well-protected. For that, you need to know what protective gear you should own. There are two kinds of protective gear, one that you have to buy once and one you have to buy regularly. The disposable protective gear like gloves, facemasks, pain creams, etc. is to be bought regularly. While protective gear like blood pressure monitoring devices and pain therapy devices are bought once and they last for months and years. You might have to charge them or change their batteries but other than that, it is a one-time purchase.
The year 2020 has changed our lives drastically, we are living the way we have never before. COVID 19 has increased the importance of protective gear and social distancing. Protective gear for COVID 19 includes Face shields, face masks, hand sanitizers, sanitizing sprays, infrared thermometer, and finger clip oximeter. As per govt. Rules and your personal safety, these products should be used daily. This protective gear ensures your safety and the safety of your family and friends. BD shop has all the high-quality protective gear you need at affordable prices in Bangladesh. 
But protective gear is not limited to COVID 19 protection gear. Technically, it includes every and any device that helps you monitor and manage your pain and other medical conditions. Blood Pressure monitoring devices, pain creams, weighing scales, infrared pain therapy lamps, are all a part of protective gear. Our stock at BD shop is regularly updated with new and high-quality brands. We have Phillips infra care lamps, Xiaomi scales, and monitors, and ThermoPro grill thermometers. 
Now you don’t have to go out of your house to buy any of the protective gear. You can buy everything from our online shop and get it delivered to your doorstep. BD shop offers an easy to use shopping cart and safe and trackable shipping options. We deliver to every part of Bangladesh. Browse through our wide range of products and find what you need. Add it to the shopping cart and purchase by following simple steps. Select the shipping options to complete the process. We believe in complete customer satisfaction, which is why we ensure to update our stock with the latest and high-quality products along with equally high-quality services. So don’t wait and shop now!