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  1. Hawkins Contura Aluminum Pressure Cooker, 5 litres

  2. Hawkins pure virgin aluminium pressure cooker (CL3T)

  3. Hawkins Virgin aluminum pressure cooker (CL65)

  4. Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker (CL50)

  5. Hawkins Stylish Aluminum Pressure Cooker (HC35)

  6. Hawkins Pressure Cooker (HC50)

  7. Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker (HC65)


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Pressure Cooker price in Bangladesh

Cooking on time must be tough for you especially with your busy life. Especially when you are trying to cook slow-cooked foods like meat in a short time. The pressure cooker cuts down the cooking time by 50% yet it maintains most of the nutrients. Not just meat, you can cook almost anything from pulses to beans, very easily in the cooker. These pressure cookers are made of either aluminum or stainless steel. It is a very economical utensil to cook your food in. it uses very little power as compared to other utensils. There are electric pressure cookers as well, they have programmed features for setting cooking time and style.
By using pressure cookers, you are saving time, energy, and nutrients. It also keeps your kitchen cleaner and cooler. The aluminum cookers are cheaper than the stainless steel ones.  But the stainless steel ones are more durable than the aluminum one. Certain foods get acidic reactions with aluminum. But generally, both types of pressure cookers are very effective for cooking. A pressure cooker is a very important element of a kitchen. Especially in our country, many dishes of our cuisine require the use of a pressure cooker. Almost all Bangladeshi households have pressure cookers of different sizes and types for better cooking.
There are different sizes in which these pressure cookers are available. The most common ones are the 3ltr and the 5ltr. But there is also 7ltr and 9ltr for when you have to cook large quantities of food. You can put the food inside with liquid mostly water, add a few spices and close the lid. Put the weight on top and put it on flame and wait for the whistle. When the sound is heard, measure time and then remove the lid after releasing the pressure. See, using the pressure cooker is as simple as that.
The BD shop has high-quality pressure cookers for you. You can buy different sizes and types of pressure cookers from BD shop online stores. Just simply browse through our product range and select the one you want. Add the products to your shopping cart and make payment through our easy to use payment methods. We offer multiple payment methods and shipping options. Select the one that suits you and complete your order. We will deliver your pressure cooker to your doorstep in no time. Wherever you live in Bangladesh, rest assured we will reach you. Don’t wait, go ahead and shop now!