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  1. MI Electric Water Kettle (1.5L)

    Special Price ৳2,550.00 was ৳2,900.00
  2. Sharp Electric Kettle EK-JM41-S3 1.2L

    Special Price ৳2,800.00 was ৳3,150.00
  3. Xiaomi Electric Kettle 1A 1.5L

    Special Price ৳3,190.00 was ৳3,500.00
  4. Hawkins Star Electric Kettle 2.5L MC/D-3636H

    Special Price ৳1,690.00 was ৳1,890.00
  5. Marco KLS-20 Electric Kettle 2.0L -Silver And Black

    Special Price ৳1,000.00 was ৳1,200.00
  6. Prestige PT-18EK Electric Kettle

    Special Price ৳1,290.00 was ৳1,500.00

48 Products found

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Electric Kettle price in Bangladesh:

Life has become so busy that we don’t get time to do all the chores the way we used to. Technology has created solutions for all our problems. Electric appliances help you save time and perform better. An electric kettle is one of them. You can easily heat water for tea, coffee, and other purposes. There are many types of sizes of electric kettles and the BD shop has an extensive variety. An electric kettle is a self-contained heating vessel that automatically turns off when the pre-set or desired temperature is attained. All you have to do is plug it in, put in the required amount of water, and turn it on. When the pre-set temperature is attained, it will automatically turn off. Now you can use this to make tea and coffee instantly.
An electric kettle is an important appliance for the home and workplace. It saves time and energy and you can prepare the beverage yourself in no time. When compared to an electric stove or a microwave, an electric kettle is more energy efficient. It uses less wattage than the others to heat water. It is safe to use as the heating coil is concealed in the vessel. The material used to make the kettle or the handle is plastic. The kettle itself can be made of plastic or steel or even glass. You will find the variations in style and material and size to suit your environment and usage. As it turns off automatically, it does not over boil or is hazardous for the user. You will understand if you have accidentally left a kettle on the stove and forgot about it. The water gets dried out, the kettle gets burned and there are chances of the surrounding catching fire. But an electric kettle has no such dangers, you can use it comfortably without worrying about any damages.
If you are looking for a good electric kettle then you have come to the right place. The BD shop has kettles of all shapes and sizes. Even though all the kettles are of good quality and work efficiently, you need to choose the right one for yourself. So make sure you know what you want. The size you want, the electric consumption of your house, the material you want, the rate that suits you, the design and color of the kettle, are all the things you should decide before buying the kettle. Kettles made of steel exterior will be hot to touch, but for a chic modern interior, they go beautifully with other appliances. So make sure you know what is more important to you. After selecting a kettle, you can easily buy it online from the bD shop and get it delivered to your home. The BD shop is the perfect place to get all your home appliances. Scan through our catalog and start shopping!

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