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This is very important to have a tripod or gimbal to hold & stabilize the camera. With a suitable Tripod or Gimbal, your video shoots will be much more professional and smoother. We have a wide range of Professional Tripods for Smartphone & DSLR Cameras. We also have original Branded Gimbals like DJI, Zhiyun to make your videos much more attractive that viewers will ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Yunteng Professional Aluminum Alloy DSLR Camera Tripod (VCT-999)

    Special Price ৳5,300.00 was ৳6,000.00
  2. Yunteng VCT-998 Protable Camera Tripod

  3. Yunteng VCT880 Tripod for Smartphone & DSLR Camera

    Special Price ৳3,900.00 was ৳4,500.00
  4. Best budget vlogging setup - Octopus Tripod, MM1, Odio MJ88, Mobile holder

    Special Price ৳3,500.00 was ৳4,000.00
  5. Ulanzi MT11 Octopus Tripod for DSLR Camera & Smartphones

    Special Price ৳1,250.00 was ৳1,600.00
  6. Zomei M8 Professional Camera Tripod and Overhead Gear with 72-inch Extension Arm Monopod

    Special Price ৳9,000.00 was ৳10,000.00
  7. Zomei VT666 Professional Camera Video Tripod with Fluid Pan Head

    Special Price ৳8,000.00 was ৳9,000.00
  8. ZOMEI Q310 Professional Aluminum Alloy Camera Video Tripod

    Special Price ৳3,500.00 was ৳4,500.00
  9. Havit HM131 Mini Universal adjustable Tripod

  10. Budget Vlogging Setup - Gorillapod Tripod, MM1, Odio MJ88, Mobile Holder

    Special Price ৳3,700.00 was ৳4,300.00
  11. HAVIT TH650 RGB Headset Stand with Dual Hanger & 2 USB Ports

    Special Price ৳1,550.00 was ৳1,700.00
  12. Best Quality Smartphone Vlogging combo package


37 Products found

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Tripod & Stand price in Bangladesh:

Professional cameras can be heavy holding them for long projects can be tiring especially if you have to shoot at one location. Even if you are using your camera for your social media channels or hobby, holding a lightweight camera for a long can be tiring as well. The logical solution is to put your camera on a stand and shoot. This stand is called a tripod for the simple reason that it has three legs. Most of the time professional photographers have to keep the camera in one position for long intervals for shooting videos and pictures. A tripod relieves them of the burden of holding the camera. It also gives stability to the camera which can not be by your hands. A stable camera can give you stable and better results.
A tripod is used to stabilize and elevate the camera, flashlight, and other photographing accessories. A tripod has three legs and feet and a mounting head. Using a tripod you can shoot longer exposure by using slow shutter speed. It also minimizes movement while shooting giving you perfectly still shots and steady videos. As compared to handheld cameras a tripod allows more light to enter the camera while capturing long exposure. A tripod is not mandatory to take pictures, you can use other things to put your camera on, but you won’t get the desired results. 
There are different tripods for different models of cameras. Using a DSLR doesn’t guarantee professional photography until you use pro accessories with it as well. Make sure you buy the right height tripod. The viewfinder should be at your eye level when you put the camera on the tripod. But don’t worry the height of the tripod is usually adjustable. Another important thing to consider while buying a tripod is the size, weight, and model of your camera. Make sure that the tripod is compatible with your camera. 
The BD shop has tripods for every type of camera. Whether you have a DSLR or a video cam or a mirrorless camera, you will find the right tripod for yourself at the BD shop. Our rates are low and the quality of products is high. If you are setting up vlogging equipment then the BD shop is perfect for you. You can easily buy your tripod online and get it shipped to you with a few clicks. So don’t delay your vlogging projects or your professional photography gigs or hobby because you don’t have all the right equipment, visit us and Shop Now!