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  1. ViGO VIG Room Comforter REL-Radiator

    Special Price ৳3,550.00 was ৳3,950.00
  2. ViGo Room Comforter-REL-Cozy

    Special Price ৳1,600.00 was ৳1,800.00
  3. Sokany SK-1653 Electric Heater

    Special Price ৳2,200.00 was ৳2,500.00
  4. Foldable And Portable Electric Desk Heater

    Special Price ৳1,300.00 was ৳1,500.00
  5. Nova NH-1203F Fan Heater

    Special Price ৳2,990.00 was ৳3,500.00
  6. Nova Electric Heater Room Heater (PTC-902, 1500Watts)

    Special Price ৳2,590.00 was ৳3,000.00
  7. Miyako Ptc-5211 Electric Room Heater

    Special Price ৳7,500.00 was ৳8,000.00
  8. ViGO Room Comforter Flaming – 874250

    Special Price ৳2,990.00 was ৳3,200.00

10 Items

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Room heaters price in Bangladesh:

Winters bring lots of changes in your lifestyle. Not just winters, even if you live in a colder region, you need to do a lot of adjustments to your life and home. You need to keep your indoors warm and cozy. Sometimes it is not possible to get the whole house centrally heated. That is why you need separate room heaters. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your room and requirements. They have different capacities for heating a certain size of the room. Read their specifications to see what you need. Most of these heaters are powered by electricity. Some even have an inlet to add water. When the water heats up it evaporates keeping the room moist and humid. They are 2 in 1, they perform as both the heater and humidifier. Many of these heaters are blower fans and many are halogen rod heaters. The blower fan heats the room using hot air blown into the room. While the halogen heaters use halogen light rods to heat the room. Both work better in different environments but are equally effective. The halogen heater consumes less electricity but the blower heater heats the room faster. So take your pick about which suits you better.
These heaters are power efficient as compared to old-style heaters. They won’t be a burden to your electricity bills. They are safer than the gas heaters as you can leave them turned on throughout the night without any fear of leakage. Although, you need to be careful when you have kids or pets around. Another important benefit of these heaters is that they are portable and compact. It can be placed anywhere in your house and office, over the counter, near the sofa, in the leg space under your desk, near your couch, etc. Their size and power efficiency make it the cheapest and most effective heating solution for your house. They are so affordable that you can put one in every room. 
The BD shop offers you great deals for room heaters. We have high-quality room heaters of all sizes. You can easily buy these compact heaters and get them delivered to your home. We at the BD shop understand your needs better, that is why we have room heaters in different colors, sizes, shapes, and quality, to suit every type of household and interior. Make your home comfortable and cozy this winter by buying a room heater from the BD shop, the best place for home appliances.

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