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  1. Edifier P841 Headphone

  2. Edifier P650 Headphone

  3. Edifier H650 On-Ear Headphones

  4. Edifier K210 In-Ear Stereo Ear Phone (Dual Port)

  5. Edifier K550 Single Plug Headset

  6. Edifier K800 Wired Black USB Over-Ear Headphones

  7. Edifier K830 3.5mm Headphone Black (Single Port)

  8. Lenovo HF140 Wired Half In-Ear Headphones – Black

    Special Price ৳390.00 was ৳500.00
  9. Lenovo HF130 Wired 3.5mm In-ear Headphones – Black

  10. PLEXTONE G20 Magnetic 3.5 mm Wired Control Noise Cancelling Earphone With Mic, In-Ear Stereo Bass for PSP Gaming , Music and Sport CE, FC, ROHS Certified

  11. Plextone G30 PC Gaming Headset With Microphone In Ear Bass Noise Cancelling Earphone For Phone, Computer, PS4

    Special Price ৳1,200.00 was ৳1,350.00
  12. Xiaomi Piston Type-C Earphone In-ear Stereo Aluminum alloy Earbuds Headphone With Mic - Black


23 Products found

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Wired Headphones in Bangladesh

Sound and audio play are very important when you are using your phone, listening to music, watching a movie, using the computer, and playing games. Headphones are an excellent audio accessory. Their design makes it comfortable to hear clear audio without noise. It also enables mobility without compromising on the quality of the sound. They are comfortable to wear and are beneficial for health as well. If you are a busy person and are always on the phone, it can wear you out. But a headphone helps your neck, arm, and ear muscles to relax while you handle all your calls. There are two types of headphones used, wired and wireless.

Wired headphones are the commonly and popularly used type of headphones. They can be used with almost anything. The best thing about a wired headphone is that they are not confined to any one system or console. They go with walkmen, with computers, mobile devices, and with gaming consoles, etc. As compared to Bluetooth headphones, wired ones can handle more data as they get analog signals. Wired headphones deliver better sound quality than Bluetooth ones. While the sound quality is inconsistent with Bluetooth headphones, the wired ones deliver high-quality audio every time. Sure, Bluetooth gives you mobility but it needs recharging frequently while this is not the case with the wired headphones. You just attach them and they are good to go. BD shop understands your requirements and that is why we update our stock of wired headphones regularly. We have all the trusted brands including UiiSii, Havit, Remax, and Arctis. You will find that our rates are the lowest but the quality of our products is the highest.

In the current situation when people are advised to stay at home, going out to find the right headphone for yourself can be risky. But don’t worry, the BD shop will bring everything to your doorstep. Just visit our online store, select the headphones you want, and buy online. We will deliver your purchased items safely to your doorstep.

The BD shop ensures that the stock has high-quality products at competitive rates. We stock all kinds of tech gadgets and accessories which we update regularly. We offer flexible shipping and payment options to suit everyone. Our detailed product description will guide you to pick the right headphone for yourself. If you are looking for a wired headphone, look no further, browse BD shop, and shop now!