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  1. Baseus Elephant 2in1 Humidifier Air Purifier + LED lamp white

  2. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Antibacterial Filter (MCR-FLG)- Purple

    Special Price ৳3,390.00 was ৳3,500.00
  3. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C - LED Display Panel & WiFi Enabled

    Special Price ৳15,000.00 was ৳16,500.00
  4. Mi Car Air Purifier Filter (Active Charcoal Edition)

  5. Sharp Air Purifier

  6. Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 OLED Touch Display PM 2.5

    Special Price ৳17,500.00 was ৳20,000.00
  7. Fridge Freshener Robot- Fridgmate Wokesmart Refrigerator Deodorizer, Ionizer Air Purifier

  8. Panasonic Humidifying Air Purifier (F-VXM35A)

  9. Panasonic ECONAVI Humidifying NANOE™ Air Purifier F-VXH50A

  10. Panasonic nanoe™ Technology Air Purifier F-PXM55A

    Special Price ৳42,000.00 was ৳47,000.00
  11. Panasonic-Nanoe F-PXL45A Air Purifier

    Special Price ৳45,000.00 was ৳49,000.00
  12. Panasonic Air Purifier- Nanoe F-PXJ30A


18 Products found

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Air Purifier price in Bangladesh:

An air purifier is a device that cleanses the air in an indoor environment of your home. Although it is impossible to remove all the contamination from the room, yet an air purifier removes most of it. It is good for health also, not just because it removes dust particles and germs and bacteria from the air, but also because it is good for patients suffering from asthma, respiratory infections, and neurological problems, etc. An air purifier helps in the prevention of aggravating these diseases and their symptoms.
You might think that your house is clean but many pollutants cannot be seen with the naked eye. These microscopic particles of dust settle on your sofas, curtains, and other surfaces. When these particles are in the air they can create problems for respiratory conditions. That is why every household should have an air purifier, especially in polluted areas. Smart air purifiers that don’t use ozone are good for your health. Make the right choice when you are planning to buy an air purifier.
Smart air purifiers that don’t use ozone are good for your health. Make sure you make the right choice when you are planning to buy a new air purifier.  A good air purifier is not just helpful in reducing asthma attacks but also prevents several diseases caused by airborne germs. They remove harmful chemicals and unpleasant odor.
Air purifiers that have heavy-duty carbon filters or the ability to remove harmful gases work wonderfully but they are expensive. But it is a worthwhile investment for the better health of your family and yourself. Before choosing an air filter, measure your room or the indoor space you want to use the filter in. Then read the specifications of the filter very carefully to find the one that has the CADR high enough for your room. Also, read in detail about other contaminants that the filter removes that your room might have. After detailed study and research, invest in the air purifier. Most of the air purifiers available for normal rooms and homes are very easy to install. You can do it yourself very easily by simply following the instructions that come with it.
The BD shop has all the essential home appliances that you might need, including air purifiers.  We have the latest range of brands like Philips, Panasonic, and Sharp. We have smart air purifiers that can be the perfect solution for your smart home. We also have a double duty air purifier and mosquito catcher. You can view our catalog online and purchase these amazing items easily. You can get your air purifier delivered to you. Shop Now!