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  1. KDK Ceiling Mount Ventilating Fan 32CM, 32CDG

  2. KDK T60AW Remote Controlled 60 inches Ceiling Fan

  3. KDK Ceiling Mounted Fan (32CDH)

  4. Panasonic 56 inch Standard series Ceiling Fan (F-56MZ2)

  5. MIRA 18 inch wall Mounted Fan (M-1832)

  6. KDK 56' Wireless remote control Fan (R56SV)

  7. KDK Deluxe series Remote control Fan (M56SR)

  8. KDK 56'' Remote control ceiling Fan (V56VK)

  9. KDK 56'' Elegant Ceiling Fan (M56XG)

  10. KDK 48 inch Three Blade ceiling fan (M48XG)

  11. Panasonic Industrial wall moving fan (F-50KU1)


11 Items

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During the summer, Fans are important home appliances for every home in Bangladesh. Besides their obvious function of keeping the room cooler, they also enhance the elegance to your home. In Bangladesh, There are various types of fans - ceiling fans, exhaust fans, pedestal fans, table fans, tower fans and wall fans. From a historical point of view, a fan was used as early as 500 BC in this subcontinent.

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In our country, Ceiling fans and Table fans are most popular and now a days rechargeable fans also got popularity. In the crowd place pedestal or stand fan is most popular. Due to the heavy portability and mobility; Table fans are most popular and usually it kept in a medium-sized table so that you are directly exposed to the cool air. It can be rotated around 180 degrees from time to time with the help of a button to cover more area. Most table fans are usually designed with three blades and are compact in design. On the other hand, a ceiling fan is affixed to the ceiling to cool the entire room from the top. This is a common sight in the all Bangladeshi households. You can choose a ceiling fan according to the number of blades you want, depending on the size of the room and your budget.

BDSHOP.com offers a wide range of Electric fans like table fans, ceiling fans, Stand fan, Wall fan and such to cater to your needs and purposes. You can choose one of a variety world renowned brands like KDK fans, Panasonic Fans, PAK fans, Mira Fans and so on and order it online in order to get it delivered right to your doorstep. Online Shopping in Bangladesh and on BD SHOP  is fun, easy and safe. You can pay for your order through payment options like cash on delivery, net banking and credit or debit card. BDSHOP.com  also has easy return and replacement policies for a satisfying shopping experience.