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  1. Philips Hair Dryer (HP8108)

    Special Price ৳2,790.00 was ৳3,200.00
  2. Philips SalonDry 'n Straight HP4867 hair dryer

    Special Price ৳5,000.00 was ৳6,200.00
  3. Philips BHC015 Essential Care DryCare Hair Dryer

    Special Price ৳1,950.00 was ৳2,650.00
  4. Philips BHC010 Essential Care Hair Dryer

    Special Price ৳3,350.00 was ৳4,200.00
  5. Panasonic EH-ND51 Powerful 1200 Watts Hair Dryer

    Special Price ৳2,900.00 was ৳3,250.00
  6. Panasonic EH-ND52 1500W Foldable Silent Hair Dryer (Violet)

    Special Price ৳3,100.00 was ৳3,350.00
  7. Panasonic EH-ND57 Foldable Quick Blow Hair Dryer

    Special Price ৳3,100.00 was ৳3,390.00
  8. Panasonic EH-NE71 Shine Boost Design Hair Dryer

    Special Price ৳6,100.00 was ৳6,590.00
  9. Panasonic EH-NE72 2000W Fast Drying Hair Dryer

    Special Price ৳7,300.00 was ৳7,850.00

30 Products found

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Hair Dryers price in Bangladesh:

A hairdryer is a hairstyling appliance that is used by almost everyone. Whatever your gender, age, the profession is, this is one item that is needed by all. Whatever hairstyle you want to make, you will need a hairdryer. A hairdryer uses hot or cold air to dry your freshly washed hair generally. Specifically, it is used with mousse and hair gels to give your hair different styles. A hairdryer is a must in every dresser to give your hair the silky look you want. When you use it with hair paste and brush, you can make your hair look straight and add volume to it at the same time. If you don’t want that ironed hair look but want your hair to look naturally straight then a dryer is your best option. Consider the hairdryer your magic machine. It comes with small parts that are attachable for specific purposes. There are special heads to focus the air in one direction to make it more effective for styling and blow-drying. Similarly, a wide head with finger-like projections is to facilitate the drying of curly and frizzy hair.The best way to use a hairdryer and get ideal results is to use it when your hair is grease-free and freshly washed. Then towel-dry your hair a bit to leave them semi-dried. Apply heat protectors so that the heat doesn’t harm your hair. Plugin the hairdryer after attaching any head that you want. You can use the hairdryer without any extra attachment as well. To get better results partition your hair with the help of clips. You can set the speed of the hairdryer in terms of how fast the air will be blown. Next you can set the temperature from slow to medium to hot, as per your requirement. Make sure to switch off the dryer and unplug it when you are done.For home usage, you should pick a dryer with less wattage, around 1500 watts, so that it won’t be a burden on your electricity bill. But if you have difficulty drying your hair then you should buy a heavier dryer as well. Also, read the options and features of the product before buying it. Also, the material it is made of, the attachments it comes with, and the power consumption, all are to be taken into consideration before making the purchase. The BD shop is the right place to come for buying a hairdryer for yourself. You can read product specifications in detail, compare different models, and make a purchase from your home. We will deliver your product to you safe and sound. We offer to ship to every part of Bangladesh. Buy Now!

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