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  1. Mi Wireless Bluetooth Fashion Mouse

  2. Havit KB-585GCM Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  3. Havit KB-KB278GCM Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  4. HAVIT KB259GCM Mini Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

    Special Price ৳1,400.00 was ৳1,600.00
  5. HAVIT HV-MS736 LED Backlight Wired Gaming Mouse

  6. Havit MS1006 RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse

  7. Havit MS1010 Ergonomic RGB Backlit USB Wired Gaming Mouse

    Special Price ৳550.00 was ৳700.00
  8. Havit MS1026 RGB Backlit Black Gaming Mouse

    Special Price ৳600.00 was ৳750.00
  9. Havit GameNote HV-MS1005 Optical Gaming Mouse

    Special Price ৳650.00 was ৳800.00
  10. HAVIT MS989GT Wireless Optical Mouse

    Special Price ৳370.00 was ৳450.00
  11. HAVIT MS919GT Wireless Optical Mouse

    Special Price ৳450.00 was ৳500.00
  12. K-Snake PUBG Gaming RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

    Special Price ৳2,200.00 was ৳2,500.00

119 Products found

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Keyboard & Mouse Price in Bangladesh

The keyboard and mouse are the most important input devices used in a computer. You cannot use a computer without one of these. Each of these devices is equally important and has its value. Your PC or laptop can’t work without at least one of them. The keyboard lets you type words and numbers into your computer while the mouse is used to move the cursor and make selections and launch programs by clicking the mouse buttons. There are different options for keyboard and mouse according to the function they have to perform. A simple keyboard and mouse are different gaming ones. We usually don’t realize the importance of both the devices when we type away or click many times.
Apart from the purpose of the keyboard, you need to know how swift the keys are. You would not want to buy a keyboard with stiff keys that are hard to work with. You also need to see the compatibility of your keyboard. Usually, the keyboard connects with the USB cord and they are plug and play. Some keyboards require software installed to use it. There are various designs available in keyboards from standard to gaming to ergonomic. The design defines your computing experience. You can also find wireless keyboards very popular nowadays. They connect using Bluetooth technology. If you are a fast worker then you should also look for the keyboard with shortcut keys and special function keys, they speed up your work. The final thing is the price of the keyboard, it should be worth the amount of money you pay for it. The BD shop offers various sizes, types, and designs of keyboards. They have different yet affordable and reasonable rates. You can view them on our website in detail and choose the one that suits you. 
Similarly, you have to understand the features that you need in a mouse before buying one. The size and grip of the mouse matter a lot. There are a standard mouse and gaming mouse available depending on the purpose you want to use the mouse for. The gaming mouse has different function buttons and is more responsive. It also depends on the kind of games you are playing. There are a variety of different styles, designs, sizes, and colors of the mouse on the BD shop.
Visit our online store and shop for keyboard and mouse from the comfort of your home. We also deliver to every part of Bangladesh. You can trust us to deliver your package safely to you.