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  1. Havit PB5000 PD18W QC 3.0 10000mAh Power Bank

  2. Baseus Mini S Digital Display 3A Power Bank 10000mAh with IP Cable (PPXF-B01)

  3. Baseus Mulight Digital Display 45W Power Bank 20000 mAh


    Special Price ৳1,100.00 was ৳1,300.00
  5. Remax RPP-155 10000 mAh Mini Ultra Small PowerBank with Multi Connector

    Special Price ৳1,350.00 was ৳1,550.00
  6. Remax RPP-147 10000mAh Jany Series Power Bank - Black

    Special Price ৳850.00 was ৳1,050.00
  7. Remax RPP-153 10000 mAh Polymer Type C Micro Inputs Power Bank

    Special Price ৳850.00 was ৳1,050.00
  8. Remax RPP-124 10000mAh Linon 2 Power Bank

    Special Price ৳1,050.00 was ৳1,200.00
  9. REMAX RPP-119 R Series Mobile Power Bank 10000mAh

    Special Price ৳1,100.00 was ৳1,250.00
  10. REMAX RPP-88 Dot series Power Bank 10000mAh

    Special Price ৳1,150.00 was ৳1,250.00
  11. Remax RPP-160 10000mAh Power bank

    Special Price ৳1,250.00 was ৳1,500.00
  12. Remax RPP-149 10000mAh Bodi Series Dual Inputs Power Bank

    Special Price ৳800.00 was ৳1,050.00

58 Products found

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Power Bank in Bangladesh

Power banks are sophisticated electronic devices that can take electric charge from a source and store it. This charge can then be later used to charge other electric devices by connecting them to the power bank through a cable. The portable power banks have intricate systems with a special battery in a sophisticated and special case. A special kind of circuit is used to control the power flow. 
We all are traveling with a lot of electronic gadgets that are dependent on the charge they have in their battery. We usually have our mobiles, our Bluetooth devices, our laptops, tablets, etc. with us throughout the day. Whether we are traveling, commuting, or just going through our busy workday, we are in constant need to recharge those devices. Most of the phones have good battery charge life but when you are using Bluetooth devices with them, the battery drains out pretty fast. These are the dilemmas that we all face every day. But the problem is that you might not be able to recharge your phone or other electronic devices you carry now and then. You might not find the electric supply readily available all the time. I mean if you are traveling on a metro or a train or even in your car, how will you charge your laptop or tablet or phone. In such cases, a power bank is a lifesaver. 
It is as the name suggests, a bank that keeps your charge inside it till you need it. You can carry these small and lightweight power banks in your laptop bags or handbags and carry them wherever you go. Whenever you need to recharge your device, just take them out and plug them and start to charge your device.
These data banks have different capacity meaning they can hold different amounts of charge. You will find 50000mAh,10000 mAh, 15000mAh, and 16000mAh commonly used for phone charging. But there are good quality 20000mAh also available. You can use them to charge your phone a couple of times. The BD shop has a good collection of power banks. If you are looking for high-quality items like the Xiaomi power bank, Redmi Power bank, or other mobile power bank brands like Havit, Baseus, and Remax, then the BD shop is the right place for you. We offer a variety of ranges for the mobile power bank from 5000mAh to 20000mAh. Visit our online store to find the right power bank for yourself and get it delivered at your doorstep.