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  1. KDK Quick Drying Hand Dryer (T09AC)

  2. KDK infra-red motion sensor Hand Dryer (T09AB)

  3. KDK Hand Dryer (T09BC)

  4. KDK Automatic Hand Dryer (T09BB)


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Hand Dryer price in Bangladesh:

For hygiene conscious people using the same towels is stressful. Even using paper towels is a problem when your hands are wet. A lot of paper towels get wasted because of that. Especially in public places, this is a big problem. A solution is an electronic machine that blows hot air to dry your hands without touching any surface. The machine is called the hand dryer and is now commonly used in hotels and public bathrooms. You can also install it in your guest bathroom or your family bathroom if you don’t want everybody to use the same towel again and again. It is all the more important in the current COVID 19 situation where sharing such items should be avoided.
Hand dryers use infrared light and sensors to detect the movement of the hand and blow hot air on the hands. You just simply have to put your hands underneath the machine and it will detect your hand. Hand dryers are energy efficient as they blow air only when the hand is underneath and that too for a time that is required. It is more affordable than paper towels as well as paper towels are wasted a lot and need to be refilled again and again. A hand dryer is a one time purchase and can be used for a long time without any maintenance cost. There is no janitorial assistance required, no storage required, and no frequent purchasing cost to worry about.
There are many brands and models to choose from. If you think that it will be used roughly then pick a heavy-duty model with a tough design that can withstand the usage. Also, consider the power supply and the space you have to install the dryer. Don’t invest in commercial, heavy-duty dryers for domestic and light use. You will only be spending money on something which will not be used to its full capacity. Understanding your requirement is the key to saving money and buying the perfect solution for yourself.
The BD shop offers you top hand dryer brands at affordable rates. Read the specifications to choose the one that suits you and buy now by adding it to your shopping cart and press the checkout button. Follow some easy steps to make the purchase. We also offer you home delivery to any address in Bangladesh. You just simply have to select the items you want from the comfort of your home and leave the rest to us.