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  1. Remax P10 Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote Control & Tripod Mode

  2. XIAOMI LYZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick 270 Degree Rotation - Black

  3. SOFOTO Selfie Stick for Action Camera with Waterproof Handheld Adjustable Extension Pole

  4. Original SJCAM Waterproof Selfie Stick with Remote Controller Set

  5. YI Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote

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  6. Original YI Bluetooth Selfie Camera Stick

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6 Items

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Selfie Stick & Monopods in Bangladesh

With the excessive use of social media especially Instagram and Pinterest, people have started taking and posting more and more photographs. We all know that a photograph that you take of yourself using the front camera of your phone is called a selfie. Posting selfies is very popular with social media users. Nowadays everyone shares their selfies from vacations, traveling day activities, special events, and whatnot. You must have seen the selfies of your friends and family all over the place. 
But taking a selfie is easier than done, it is not as simple as taking out your phone and clicking a picture. There are lots of small details you need to look into to get that perfect selfie that will get you likes on your social media. You also need the right equipment to get a good selfie and one of these is the selfie stick. A selfie stick is a very commonly used device for selfies and videography. Every other traveler and vlogger is using it. You can see everyone around you holding a selfie stick taking selfies with friends and family. You can use a selfie stick for mobile to stabilize your phone to take better photos. A jerky camera can ruin your video and photographs but a selfie stick eliminates this problem. It also saves your camera from falling while you are trying to hold it still for the photos. You can extend the stick to variable lengths to get photos from different angles without leaving anyone out of the picture. You also don’t have to ask other people to take your pictures. The selfie sticks are Bluetooth enabled and can be used with different phones. There are no restrictions on using only certain sticks with certain phones. 
Similarly, monopods are used to hold a camera still to take steady photographs, closeups, videos, etc. These devices are very important for videographers and photographers but they are equally useful for ordinary people as well. They help us to make more happy memories and share them. You can find good quality monopods and selfie sticks for mobile at the BD shop. Browse through our product range to find a perfect match for your phone. Use our easy shipping service to get your selfie stick delivered to you. We offer top-class products and impeccable services to our esteemed clients. You can trust the BD shop for facilitating you at every step of your purchase. Login or register and start shopping!