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  1. Sunlux Stand For 6500 Type Barcode Scanner

    Special Price ৳690.00 was ৳770.00
  2. Sunlux XL-6500 1D Handheld Barcode Scanner

    Special Price ৳2,400.00 was ৳2,660.00
  3. Sunlux XL-2302 2d Desktop Barcode Scanner

    Special Price ৳10,700.00 was ৳11,500.00

3 Items

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Scanner price in Bangladesh:

A scanner is an input device commonly used with the computer and laptop to scan documents and images and save them electronically on the computer. In simple words, if you want to convert a paper document or a printed photograph into electronic form to be used by your computer, then you need a device that is called a scanner. It will capture the content of the document and picture keeping all its attributes and save it as an electronic copy on your computer. You do need special software or a driver to use it on your computer but that usually comes with the scanner. It is commonly used in offices and homes for study purposes and professional use.
The images captured by the scanner can then be used in different software in the computer for editing and display or file sharing through emails. You can use a lower resolution scanner for capturing images for regular computer display but there are high-resolution scanners available for scanning high-resolution printing. The scanner helps you reduce the filing of paper documents and makes file sharing simpler. It has also proven to be gold for photographers and photo editors who can use the scanner for retouching old photographs. It saves time and cost making documents organized and easily trackable. There is no cost of mailing and maintaining documents again and again. A scanner can scan anything on paper whether it is printed, handwritten, photographed.
There are different types of scanners used for respective purposes. There are normal document and photograph scanners, cheque scanners, and scanners combined with printers. The scanners can be used by multiple users in the network and they can be used singularly as well. Most commonly used scanners are flatbeds and easy to configure and use. You have to install them on your computer and then scan any document you want. You just have to turn the system on, lift the lid, place your document properly, close the lid, and press the scan button. The document will be scanned and saved on your computer.
You can find all the different varieties of scanners at the BD shop at affordable rates. There are flatbed scanners, enterprise scanners, cheque scanners, etc. to cater to every need. You can get the best rates for scanners in Bangladesh. Not just that, you can get your scanner delivered to you using our shipping options. You can get all your office supplies and personal electronic devices at the BD shop. It is the one-stop online shopping store that has everything you need under one roof. Enjoy your shopping experience at the BD shop now!

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