Microphone Collection in Bangladesh

Crazy about YouTube video making or Want to have the best voice quality for your Facebook Live? Now you can buy all kinds of exclusive microphones from us in Bangladesh. If you are YouTuber or want to make professional videos or tutorials with your own voice then you will need a microphone.

Why do you need an external microphone?

Even you have the latest editions of Smartphone or DSLR cameras you will still need an external microphone for a better voice from the object. If you notice, smartphone or DSLR inbuilt mic is OK when you are near. But when you move for few feet or meters you will notice the voice is getting the echo and lots of other sounds are coming from the different source. You don't the control to cancel the noise. You may need different types of the microphone for a different purpose. 

We have great collections of Clip Microphone, Wireless Microphone, USB microphone and other kinds of microphones to use on Smartphone, PC and DSRL cameras. 

Clip Microphone:

If you are looking for the best Clip Microphone that works with Smartphone, PC & DSLR then Boya M1 is the best way. This microphone comes with 6 meter or 20 feet of cable. Which is very useful and convenient to use. If you are YouTuber and don't want to spend much on expensive microphones then this could be the best choice for you. It works with any Android and iOS devices. No need to download any apps. It just plugs and plays. Simple to use and very high quality or voice recording. We also have Wireless Microphone, Desktop Microphone, DSLR microphone, Boom microphone and much more.

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  1. FiFine 669B USB Studio Condenser Microphone For YouTube Studio
    Special Price ৳4,500.00 Regular Price ৳5,000.00
  2. Clip Microphone- Maono AU-100 with Noise Removing Mechanism and 6 Meters Audio Cable for DSLR , Smartphone, PC, Laptop
    Special Price ৳1,000.00 Regular Price ৳1,800.00
  3. BOYA M1 Clip and Foam (Spare)
  4. Rechargeable Clip Microphone (MAONO AU-100R)
    Special Price ৳1,800.00 Regular Price ৳2,000.00
  5. BM800 Condenser Microphone Combo Box For Studio
    Special Price ৳3,500.00 Regular Price ৳5,000.00
  6. MAONO AU-A04 USB Microphone Combo Setup, Plug & Play USB Cardioid Podcast Condenser Microphone with Professional Sound Chipset for PC Karaoke, YouTube, Gaming Recording
    Special Price ৳7,000.00 Regular Price ৳8,000.00
  7. Portable Rechargeable Voice Amplifier With Microphone for Teachers, Tour Guides, Coaches, Training, Promotion (MAONO C01)
    Special Price ৳1,900.00 Regular Price ৳2,500.00
  8. MAONO A04H Vocal Condenser Cardioid USB Microphone Studio Setup with Headphone, Pop Filter and Stand
    Special Price ৳8,000.00 Regular Price ৳9,000.00
  9. 100FX Pro -Professional USB Condenser Microphone (Volume, Echo, Treble)
    Special Price ৳2,000.00 Regular Price ৳3,500.00
  10. BM800 Condenser Microphone Combo Offer (Studio Setup)
    Special Price ৳5,800.00 Regular Price ৳8,000.00
  11. BM-100FX Condenser Studio Microphone Combo Offer (Studio Setup)
    Special Price ৳4,500.00 Regular Price ৳5,000.00
  12. BM800 Microphone + Phantom Power Supply Combo Offer
    Special Price ৳4,500.00 Regular Price ৳6,500.00
  13. YouTube Video Microphone for Smartphone, PC and DSLR- (BOYA BY-MM1)
    Special Price ৳2,200.00 Regular Price ৳2,500.00
  14. KEXU Professional UHF Wireless Microphone
  15. Metal Body USB Microphone- FiFINE K670 Best for YouTube Recording, Streaming, Voice Over
  16. Boya Dual Clip-on Interview Microphone (BY-M1DM) Best for 2 Person Recording or Live Videos
  17. Phantom Power Supply for Condenser Microphone- (48V, 1-Channel)
    Special Price ৳2,500.00 Regular Price ৳3,500.00
  18. BM800 Microphone- High Performance Condenser Microphone for YouTube Studio
    Special Price ৳2,500.00 Regular Price ৳4,000.00
  19. Sennheiser Digital Wireless Professional Vocal Set (SKM 9000) For Reliable & Excellent Sound Quality
  20. BM-100FX USB Powered Condenser Studio Recording Microphone with Noise Cancel and Echo Effect
    Special Price ৳2,500.00 Regular Price ৳3,500.00
  21. Boom Pole for Microphone with Internal XLR Cable (BOYA, BY-PB25)
  22. BOYA WM4 Pro Wireless Microphone for Smartphone, iPad, PC and DSLR
  23. Conference Microphone- (Boya, BY-MC2)
  24. HAVIT HV-M80 Budget Friendly Desk Microphone
    Special Price ৳550.00 Regular Price ৳700.00
  25. Panasonic Boom Microphone EM-2800A
    Special Price ৳1,800.00 Regular Price ৳2,500.00
  26. REMAX RMK-K01 SingSong K Microphone For Smartphone
    Special Price ৳500.00 Regular Price ৳800.00
  27. Stand Microphone For Computer HAVIT HV-M83
    Special Price ৳750.00 Regular Price ৳850.00
  28. Wireless Microphones- MediaCom MCI-799U
  29. Original BOYA M1 Microphone for Smartphone, DSLR, Laptop & PC
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