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  1. Regal Metal Body Vacuum Flask RBC-10MS

  2. Regal Metal Body Vacuum Flask RBC-10

  3. Regal Metal Body Vacuum Flask RBA-26

  4. Regal Metal Body Vacuum Flask RAA-10

  5. Regal Metal Body Large Capacity Vacuum Flask RAH-30MS

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  6. Regal Matt Finishing S/S Body Vacuum Flask RBA-26MS

  7. Regal Matt Finish S/S Body Vacuum Flask RAB-10MS

  8. Regal Vacuum Flask RAG-10MS

  9. Milton Viva TUFF jug 1000

  10. Sharp Jar Pot KP-36S-IC

  11. Regal Mirror Finished Metal Body Vacuum Flask RAG-10

  12. Sharp Jar Pot KP-B28S-SC


15 Products found

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Vacuum Flask Price in Bangladesh:

A hot beverage is best served hot and a chilled drink can be enjoyed only when it is cold. But if you have to carry them somewhere or drink them later on, you need something that can maintain the temperature for hours. A vacuum flask is a container that can maintain temperature for long periods. The reason why flasks have this ability is that it has insulation between the inner and outer container. This keeps the liquid cold and keeps the hot liquid hot. This insulation is a vacuum between the two layers in the case of a vacuum flask. These flasks can maintain the temperature for a few hours and in some cases even overnight. Some flasks can keep the temperature for 24 hours, 18 hours, 8-10 hours, etc. as per your requirement.
Vacuum flasks are useful mostly in scenarios where you cannot heat the liquid or refrigerate it. If you are going to the office or school, vacuum flasks can be very useful to keep juices or coffee with you. They are also very important while traveling long distances or on a family picnic. If you are traveling with kids especially toddlers, then warm water to make formula is important. Besides, in summers chilled lemonade always comes in handy. 
Most of these flasks are made of steel, but plastic is also a common material for the flasks. They are easy to use and carry, but you should avoid puncturing or damaging the walls of the flask as that can be dangerous. You can easily wash the flask with hot or cold water. You can put very cold and hot liquids in the flask without any problem. 
The best way to choose a vacuum flask is to first decide about what size and capacity of the flask you need. Do you need a half liter flask or you need more than this? You can easily find vacuum flasks of every capacity and size. The BD shop has everything you need for domestic use, including vacuum flasks. We have the top brands and latest designs of flasks in different sizes. You can easily select and buy the flask you want at the BD shop and get it delivered to any address within Bangladesh. We offer competitive rates for all household items and ship them for your convenience. There is no online family store better than the BD shop. Happy shopping with the BD shop!