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  1. Cheerlux C9 2800 Lumens Mini Projector

    Special Price ৳8,990.00 was ৳9,200.00
  2. Mobile Projector - UC46

    Special Price ৳9,500.00 was ৳12,000.00

    Special Price ৳54,000.00 was ৳54,500.00

    Special Price ৳63,000.00 was ৳65,000.00

    Special Price ৳77,000.00 was ৳80,000.00
  6. BENQ multimedia projector SX912

    Special Price ৳105,000.00 was ৳110,000.00
  7. Projector with Dish Line Port- Dolphin Projector

    Special Price ৳5,500.00 was ৳6,000.00

14 Products found

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Projector price in Bangladesh:

We all have used a projector for professional and household purposes. Technically it projects images or multimedia on a surface. It works best with smooth and white surfaces so you can see the image or videos. A projector screen is perfect for projecting the images from this optical device. If you don’t have a screen then you can use a white wall for displaying images. The main purpose is to enlarge the images or videos so it can reach a wider audience, like in a cinema or an auditorium. Projectors used to be of large sizes and heavier in weight, but as the technology has evolved, so has the size and weight of the projector has decreased. It has become small and portable. Now you can carry it in your backpack very easily. Some projectors use Android technology and have Bluetooth for connectivity. 
A mini portable projector is perfect for giving school or office presentations. It is also very good for home entertainment and home theatre systems. Because of its size, you can put it anywhere and its sleek look will go with your interiors as well. Even if you have a small apartment with less space to spare, you can use these mini projectors to create a home theatre. You can easily connect your projector to your TV for a better experience or you can use it instead of a TV. If you use a  projector alone, you will be saving time but if you already have a TV then you can use it with a projector for enhanced usage. You can connect a projector to your smart TV wirelessly, through Bluetooth. Most of the smartphones can be connected to your Android projectors to access applications like Netflix. You can attach the projector to your television through an HDMI cable and watch Netflix on your TV. similarly, such applications can be used for presentations as well.
The BD shop has all the latest variety of projectors available. We have brands like BenQ, CheerLux, Xiaomi, and Dolphin. We have Android projectors, Bluetooth projectors, mini portable projectors, projectors for dish TV connectivity, mobile projectors, etc. in our catalog. Go through the variety we have to choose the projector that is suitable for you and buy online through a user-friendly shopping cart we have. We will deliver your projector safely to you at your doorstep. Shop Now and enjoy the holiday season with the perfect home entertainment system.

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