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  1. Casio WD-220MS-BU Solar and Battery Powered Basic Calculator - Blue

  2. Original Casio fx-991ES PLUS Non-programmable Scientific Calculator (2nd Edition)

  3. Casio FX-9860GIII Advanced Graphic Calculator with Python

  4. Casio WJ-120D Plus Desk Calculator

  5. Casio WM-220MS-BU Water Protected and Dust Proof Calculator - 12 Digits

  6. Casio Scientific Calculator fx-991MS 2nd edition (Non-programmable)

  7. Casio fx-100MS 2 (2nd edition) Non-Programable Scientific Calculator

  8. Casio GX-120B Electronic Desktop Calculator

  9. CASIO Electronic Calculator 12 Digits DX-120ST

  10. Casio DH-12 Professional/Desk Display Calculator

  11. Original CASIO DF-120BM 12-Digit Calculator GT Dual Power

  12. Casio Desk Calculator MC-12M


34 Products found

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Calculator price in Bangladesh:

A calculator is a commonly used computing device that we all have used at some point in time. It handles simple and complex calculations for you throughout the day. From schoolwork to office work to simple calculations, we use it daily. Whether you want to calculate the cost of daily groceries or solve a complex equation, a calculator is used. You need different calculators for different types of computing. A desk calculator is usually enough to calculate day to day calculations that most of us do. It lets you do the basic mathematics functions ie. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It can easily cater to simple calculations of cash and inventory management as well.
A scientific calculator as the name suggests is for more complex scientific, engineering, mathematics, and advanced mathematics calculations. It has more functional buttons for the very purpose than the regular desk calculator. Without those functional buttons, you won’t be able to solve complicated equations. It looks like the regular calculator only larger in size with a lot more keys. It has a display on the top of the calculator where you can see the computing and the results. A graphing calculator is a handheld computing device that is used to plot graphs, solving related equations, and other complicated problems solving. It is more useful for engineering students and professionals.
Whether you use a desk calculator, scientific calculator, or graphing calculator; it speeds up your work and increases accuracy. You can understand trigonometry and statistical problems better with a graphing calculator. Complex quadratic equations and complicated problems require scientific calculators for accurate solutions. A desk calculator helps you in calculating simple mathematical problems with speed and ease not to mention accuracy. 
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