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  1. Baseus Elephant 2in1 Humidifier Air Purifier + LED lamp white

  2. Baseus Time Magic Box Dual Spray Humidifier

  3. Pure Essential Oil For Humidifier Fragrance Aroma Diffuser (6pcs Package)

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  4. Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier (KC-G50L-W)

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  5. Xiaomi Air Humidifier- Ultrasonic Air Purifying Mist Maker (5 Liter, Deerma DEM-F600)

    Special Price ৳4,500.00 was ৳5,500.00
  6. Multifun Portable USB Mini Humidifier with Water Bottle

  7. Vornado Evaporative Whole Room Humidifier (EV100)


7 Items

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Humidifier price in Bangladesh:

Simply put, a humidifier is an electronic appliance that adds moisture to your indoor area. That can be a single room or a complete building. It is very important especially in areas where there is a lot of dryness. Many parts of the world see extremely dry winters and that causes skin and respiratory problems. When you are suffering from dry cough and asthma, a humidifier can be very helpful. It releases air particles into the dry room environment to make it more breathable and comfortable. It might not cure the flu and common cold but it makes it easy to live through them. Similarly, it helps if you have a dry nose, skin, or lips by making them soft and moist.
Since it makes breathing easy and comfortable, a humidifier is also good for people with sleep problems. You can enjoy deep and comfortable sleep by adding this small device to your room. You can use this device daily but make sure you clean it daily by emptying the tank and refilling it. Otherwise, a dirty tank can cause more damage than good. Make sure you unplug it before cleaning.  A humidifier should be used for 11-16 hours straight without refills. But to ensure that, refill it accordingly.
Certain viruses survive in dry environments better. So, the humidifier adds moisture to the air and makes it difficult for the viruses to survive in the air and the nasal and respiratory tract. The purpose of the humidifier is to attain and maintain the right humidity level in the room. While purchasing one, make sure you keep that in mind. The size of the room and how much humidity can be attained by the humidifier should be considered. According to the environmental protection agency, this level is 30% to 50%. So for a healthy environment, maintaining properly humid air is a must.
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