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  1. Remax RB-S18 Magnetic Bluetooth Earphone

    Special Price ৳850.00 was ৳1,000.00
  2. REMAX RB-S2 Bluetooth Headset

    Special Price ৳1,480.00 was ৳1,550.00
  3. REMAX RB-750HB Wireless Gaming Headphone

  4. REMAX RB-725HB Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

  5. REMAX RB-660HB Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  6. Havit HV-H2575BT Bluetooth Headphone

    Special Price ৳1,200.00 was ৳1,500.00
  7. Havit I66 Bluetooth Black Headphone

    Special Price ৳1,350.00 was ৳1,500.00
  8. HAVIT i62 90° Rotating Wireless Bluetooth headphone

    Special Price ৳1,200.00 was ৳1,500.00
  9. 1MORE E1001BT Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

  10. Edifier W800BT Plus Bluetooth Headphone Black

    Special Price ৳3,700.00 was ৳3,900.00
  11. Havit H2590BT Bluetooth Headphone

    Special Price ৳900.00 was ৳1,200.00
  12. Edifier W806BT Black On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone


51 Products found

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Bluetooth Headphone in Bangladesh

Gone are the days when you had to sit in one place fixated to listen to music because of the wire of the headphones. We have been using wireless headphones for quite some time now. The best technology used in wireless headphones is Bluetooth. It is also the safest as it directly pairs two devices. Most of the electric devices nowadays are Bluetooth enabled. So pairing your headphones with them is not a big issue now. Just turn on the Bluetooth and pair them when they both detect each other. For example, when you pair your smartphone with your headphone this way, you can easily talk on your phone. Listen to your music, watch a movie, do voice calls, etc. without having to get bothered by wires and cords. Bluetooth headphones make all of this easier and hassle-free. You can not just receive audio but the buttons on the headset let you pick and drop calls as well.
They are not just convenient, they are also safer to use. If you are worried about the health risks of always holding the phone to your ears because of the radiation. Or if your phone gets heated up because of the battery, Bluetooth headphones offer a safer solution. Wearing these headphones makes you less distracted while walking on the street or driving also. 
Many good and popular brands are well known to make high quality and reliable Bluetooth headphones. One such world-renowned brand is Beats. The BD shop has headphones by Beats and other equally good brands like Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Baseus, Oneplus, Haylou, Uiisii, and many more. We have all the various models of these brands, browse all the available varieties to find the one that is compatible with your phone, system, requirements, and pocket. We offer competitive Bluetooth headphone prices in Bangladesh. You can see products with different price ranges for different affordability.
Our delivery service is as good as our products. Be assured that we will deliver your package safely on time at your doorstep. You can track your package at every step of shipping. Bd shop is the best place for you to buy gadgets and the latest tech brands. There are different designs of wireless headphones, you can choose as per your liking and style. Enjoy listening to your favorite music with these amazing Bluetooth headphones from the BD shop. Don’t waste time and shop now!