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  1. HAVIT H341 Qi Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount

  2. Havit H314 Wireless Charger

  3. Baseus WXSX-01 Digital LED Display Wireless Charger

    Special Price ৳1,100.00 was ৳1,300.00
  4. Xiaomi Mi Wireless Quick Charger (18W)

  5. Astrum CW100 Qi Wireless Charger Super Slim Pad For Any Smartphone

    Special Price ৳750.00 was ৳1,000.00
  6. Energizer QE10006PQ Ultimate 2-in1 Wireless Charging Station

  7. Xiaomi 20W High Speed Wireless Charger - White

    Special Price ৳1,900.00 was ৳2,090.00
  8. Baseus WXFD-01 Wireless Charging Pad

  9. Baseus WXHSD-01 Charging Pad

  10. Baseus Fast QI Wireless Charging Station


10 Items

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Wireless Charger in Bangladesh

Wireless chargers can be very handy when you want to charge your phone without connecting it with the cable. These chargers are the future of wired chargers. You don’t need to stick wires in your phones, just place the phone over the charger and it will simply get charged.  It is claimed that wireless charging is better for your phones and laptops. They increase the lifespan of the devices. But its effectiveness is dependent on how you use it and how often you use it.  These chargers stop charging automatically when your phone is 100% charged. If your phone is turned on and loses some charge while still on the charger, it will start charging again till it is completely charged again. Wireless charger transfer energy from the charger to the phone through electromagnetic induction.
Another benefit of using these wireless chargers is that the charging port in your phone doesn’t face any wear and tear or erosion. It also reduces the chances of overcharge or power surge damaging your phone. You can use the same wireless charging board, charging pad, and charging station for different phones. Just make sure the phones support the same wireless charging standard. It is a bit more expensive than the wired chargers but the benefits outrun the cost difference. Wireless chargers are safer to use, you can leave your phone all night on a wireless charger on your nightstand without any fear. 
We at the BD shop have wireless chargers of top brands in stock. Our catalog displays that we have all types of wireless chargers. Select the one that your phone supports and buy now. Follow our simple shopping cart and payment methods to make instant purchases. You can also add the items to your wish list for later purchase. We believe in quality products and quality services. That is why we ensure that you get your package safely at your door in time. Feel free to browse through the wireless charger catalog including popular brands Energizer, Xiaomi, Ugreen, Astrum, Baseus, etc. We at the BD shop offer the best deals and prices in the whole of Bangladesh. We also deliver to every part of Bangladesh. You can compare our prices and product quality with others and conclude that we have the best products at the best rates. So, don’t wait and register or log into your BD shop account and start shopping.