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  1. Water Purifier Premium PP Filter (10 Inch)

  2. Heron Premium PP Filter (10 inch)

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  3. 10 inch Heron PP Micron Filter Housing

  4. LANSHAN Water Purifier LSRO-101-UV


  6. Top Klean 5 Stages UV Water Purifier (TPWP-UV-505)

  7. Top Klean TPWP-505 5 Stages Water Purifier

  8. Top Klean 5 Stages RO Purifier (TPRO-5050)

  9. AQUA PRO APRO-501 RO Water Purifier

  10. Heron EGRO 200 GPD Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier

  11. Easy Pure EGRO-501 5 Stage RO Water Purifier



53 Products found

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Water Purifier price in Bangladesh:

Water pollution has made clean and safe drinking water difficult to get. Not just pollution, there are some areas where the water is not fit for drinking, you need to either get clean drinkable water from filter plants or get a water purifier installed at home. Water carries a lot of bacteria and other microscopic organisms other than dirt or salt. To make it drinkable, it needs to be filtered completely. Not just the conventional filter but it should be processed with safe UV rays to kill all the bacteria in it. Unfiltered water with this bacteria can be fatal for you and your loved ones.
A good filter is multi-layered with an Osmosis filter, Ultrafilter, UltraViolet Disinfectant. The Osmosis filter removes dirt, ions, and large unwanted particles from water, it is the first filter in the multiple filtration process. The next filter is the Ultra Filter, an ultra-filter removes macromolecules and particles that can not be removed by the osmosis filtration. The final step is the Ultraviolet Filter which removes harmful bacteria from water. The water is treated with germicidal UV rays to kill bacteria that can be dangerous for your health. If not removed they can infect your digestive system and can make you sick.
Using these water purifiers ensure that you and your family are drinking safe and healthy water. A small investment in a good water purifier can help you in minimizing visits to the doctor. These filters remove extra chlorine from water, meaning no skin or hair allergies. Your sinks and showers will also have less chlorine residue. So it is not just protecting your health but also saving you from avoidable expenditures.
The best way to choose a water purifier for your home is to first know what kind of impurities your water has. Only then you can know which purifier will help you make the water drinkable. You can get the water supplied to your home tested in the laboratory to know for sure but if you want to go to the trouble of doing that, then ask your neighbors which filter they are using to get an idea. We at the BD shop understand your needs, that is the reason we have an extensive selection of water purifiers and dispensers on our website. Look through our range of high-quality products and buy the one you want that fulfills your needs and suits your pocket. Don’t wait, Buy Now!