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  1. SONOFF POWR3 25A/5500W High Power Smart Switch

    Special Price ৳3,500.00 was ৳3,700.00
  2. SONOFF SNZB-01 – Zigbee Wireless Switch

  3. SONOFF SNZB-04 ZigBee Wireless Door/Window Sensor

    Special Price ৳600.00 was ৳700.00
  4. SONOFF ZBBridge Smart Zigbee Bridge Hub

    Special Price ৳1,500.00 was ৳1,700.00
  5. SONOFF BASIC R3 Zigbee DIY Smart Switch

    Special Price ৳900.00 was ৳1,000.00
  6. SONOFF SNZB-02 – ZigBee Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Special Price ৳650.00 was ৳800.00
  7. Sonoff ZigBee Motion Sensor- SNZB-03

    Special Price ৳700.00 was ৳850.00
  8. SONOFF Slampher R2 Smart WiFi Light Bulb Socket, E27 Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder

    Special Price ৳1,000.00 was ৳1,200.00
  9. SONOFF RM433 433MHz Remote Controller for SONOFF RF,4CH PRO R2, Slampher, RF Bridge, SONOFF TX (Without Base)

    Special Price ৳500.00 was ৳600.00
  10. Sonoff RF R2 WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

    Special Price ৳800.00 was ৳1,000.00
  11. SONOFF Basic R3 10A Smart WiFi Wireless Switch

    Special Price ৳600.00 was ৳750.00
  12. Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa – A Certified for Humans Device

    Special Price ৳900.00 was ৳1,400.00

26 Products found

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Smart WiFi Switches in Bangladesh

Smart homes are getting extremely popular and for good reason. If not fully automated, many people opt for a portion of their house to be automated and remotely controlled. But for that, there are a few components that you will need. Yes, the internet is a must but another equally important thing is the Wifi switch. A Wifi switch is a box that you connect to your router to get more ethernet ports. For networking, it is very important but it is also vital for your smart home. 
So the next question is how a connecting box works to make your home smart. The Wifi switch is connected to the power supply of your house. It has a built-in Wifi adapter that connects to the local network. This network is connected to your smartphone through an app. Now when you have an internet connection available for the network you can control the power supply with your smartphone. You can control the light switch and other electrical devices like this. You can be anywhere but can connect to your home network through the app and turn your lights on and off, turn on the security system, turn off the security system, turn on and off any of the connected smart appliances. If you are traveling away from home and suddenly remember that you left the fan or lights on, don’t worry and turn back! Just simply log onto your network and turn them off. Yes, this is how powerful the Wifi switch makes you. It makes you in control of your home helping you to easily manage your busy life remotely through your smartphone. 
Now that we have established and understood that a Wifi switch is the backbone of your smart home, let’s move onto how to get the best quality Wifi switch for your house. BD shop is the best online shop in Bangladesh. We supply the best brands and offer the best deals along with the best delivery service. Now you don’t have to spend countless hours in the market to get high-quality and low-priced devices. Just visit our website, browse through our products, buy online, and get everything safely delivered to your doorstep.
BD shop has regularly updated stock of smart switches. We also have a wide product range of the Sonoff wifi switches and Broadlink switches. Sonoff wifi switch and Broadlink switch are very popular and commonly used brands. They are of very high quality and have products catering to a variety of needs. BD shop is the perfect place to find their products and affordable prices. To get the best products, Shop now!