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We have Latest Collection of Smartwatches from Various Brands like- Apple Watch, Motorola Smartwatch, Huawei Smartwatch, Sony Smartwatch, Asus Zen watch and lot more other Chinese Smartwatch ready Stock in Bangladesh. You can choose the best selection of Smart watches and we will deliver to you the Authentic product with ❤️️❤️️❤️️
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  1. COLMI P81 Smartwatch

    Special Price ৳1,490.00 was ৳1,990.00
  2. OnePlus Watch 2 Smartwatch with GPS

    Special Price ৳28,700.00 was ৳33,000.00
  3. Udfine Watch GT Smartwatch

    Special Price ৳4,290.00 was ৳5,000.00
  4. Udfine Watch Gear Smartwatch

    Special Price ৳3,890.00 was ৳4,590.00
  5. HAYLOU Solar Pro Smartwatch – Black Color

    Special Price ৳4,450.00 was ৳5,000.00
  6. HAYLOU RS4 Max Smart Watch

    Special Price ৳4,150.00 was ৳5,000.00
  7. QCY Watch GT Smart Watch Retina AMOLED Display

    Special Price ৳2,900.00 was ৳3,350.00
  8. COLMI P73 Smartwatch

    Special Price ৳2,200.00 was ৳2,450.00
  9. Joyroom JR-FT6 Smart Watch (Make/Answer Call)

    Special Price ৳3,700.00 was ৳3,900.00
  10. JOYROOM FT5 Fit-Life Series Calling Smart Watch

    Special Price ৳3,400.00 was ৳3,800.00
  11. WiWU Smart Watch SW01 S9 Smartwatch – Orange Color

    Special Price ৳3,850.00 was ৳4,500.00

162 Products found

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Smart Watch price in Bangladesh:

Nowadays everything is smart, your home, your car, and now your watch, all are smart. A smartwatch means that you can get more features in your watch and it can be connected to the internet. It means more accessibility and connectivity between your watch and other gadgets. A smartwatch is not just a watch, it is more like wearing your computer on your wrist. A smartwatch makes managing your busy life easier. You can connect it to your mobile and computer to access apps and features. You can pick calls, send messages, access apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also track and record your movements. This feature is very important for health-conscious people who might want to know how much they walked and jogged or how many calories they consumed in a day.
A smartwatch is less style-oriented and more feature-oriented. It has a touchscreen for a dial from where you can easily use and access different features of the watch. You can set reminders and access your digital assistant as well. There is two popular OS available in the smartwatches, one is iOS and the other is Android. Using them you can connect your watch with your Apple phone or your Android phone. You won’t need to keep your phone in your hand to use it anymore, nor do you have to keep checking your phone for your social media notifications. You can do that by using your smartwatch. It gives you control over your life and freedom to do other important activities like swimming, exercising, jogging, etc. while staying connected.
We have both the Apple and Android watches at the BD shop. You can easily get an authentic and original Apple watch and Android watch by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gramin, etc. at affordable rates. So picking your smartwatch depends pretty much on the OS on your smartphone. They also have a longer battery time than the phone so you can stay connected for longer periods. Make sure you have explored the features of the smartwatch you have your eye on. We have a huge variety of smartwatches on both OS. you can relax on your couch and explore in detail the products that we offer and then choose the one that fits your requirements. The BD shop will safely and timely deliver it to your door. Let us handle the shipping while you enjoy shopping at the BD shop. Don’t wait, Buy Now!

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