Microphone Isolation Shield For Mini Studio (Arsnovo, UMA-RF03)

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Microphone & Large Stand Not Included.

Microphone Isolation Shield In Bangladesh

It is the spring and summer national era of one person broadcasting these days! It is very convenient for anyone to open a personal broadcasting station and operate their own channel so that they can easily broadcast with a computer, and there are many cheap and cost-effective products suitable for one person broadcasting.

among them, the most important thing for broadcasting is the microphone. There are quite a few people who broadcast without a cam, but even though they usually broadcast only the game screen of a PC, there are many people who use the microphone to communicate with viewers, and youtube covers the songs of famous artists directly at home. Even those who upload videos can easily record voice at home, but when recording at home, the environment is different from that of a studio or recording studio. so ambient noise or reflections easily get into the microphone and neat recording is impossible!

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